The falsification of the results of the last presidential elections in Gabon could lead to a civil war.

With this opinion, the President of the Modern Diplomacy Development Foundation, an international expert in the field of political science and interethnic relations, Amram Petrosyan, shared this opinion with the publication InfoBRICS, commenting on the political processes taking place in Gabon. According to the expert, the society of Gabon is currently politicized and for the general population Onda Ossa is taken seriously as an effective alternative to the current government.

Onda Ossa managed to consolidate not only most of the opposition forces in the country, but also wide social groups. Moreover, we are talking not only about passive support for the candidate’s theses, but also about the activity of a large number of the population in election events, rallies, marches and other formats of election activity. In fact, Onda Ossa became a national leader.

«The Gabonese society is fully involved in the political processes. The general population is involved in the election campaign. From the team and coalition of Onda Ossa, we see an unprecedented outreach to the broad social masses. This is unique, at least because the country is de facto going through a historical moment», – Amram Petrosian stated.

Unfortunately, the reaction of the country’s current authorities is depressing. There is an unprecedented inclusion of the administrative resource, work is being carried out on mass falsification by the executive authorities, a curfew has been introduced in the country, the work of the Internet network is difficult, and much more. Amram Petrosian shared data from his own sources, which demonstrate destructive activity on the part of the current authorities, namely, the authorities create a false impression that Onda Ossa received absolute leadership in only two regions of the country. However, this does not correspond to reality. Onda Ossa has received absolute support in almost all regions of the country – and this cannot be ignored.

«The old elites do not fully understand the uniqueness and seriousness of the political situation – their historical time is coming to an end. However, the leader of the opposition is constructive: Onda Ossa said that he expects the authorities to recognize the fair results of the elections and to carry out a civilized procedure for the transfer of power. The leader of the opposition is open to dialogue with the current authorities, the next step is for the president. Not only the future of the country, but also the own fate of the outgoing elite depends on the well-considered decisions of the current administration», – Amram Petrosian concluded.