BRICS.INFO-Albert Ondo Ossa is the most rational candidate for the leadership of Gabon. This was stated by the President of the Foundation for the Development of Modern Diplomacy Amram Petrosian in his comment on the course of the presidential election campaign in the republic.

In his opinion, the country finds itself in an interesting situation, actually choosing its own development model for the years ahead. In this sense, the most relevant issues for Gabonese society belong not so much to a political context as to economic one. Gabon is among the richest African States and possesses enough resources to intensify its economic development. At the same time, the country has a fairly high level of poverty and there is a need for more active social support for socially vulnerable segments of the population. In this sense, the republic is in demand of elite competent in economic development issues for years to come.

“Gabon, being an oil state, did not pay enough attention to the development of non-resource sectors of the economy. And now this aspect of economic development needs to be leveled. This is quite a serious work, which involves not only the reform of state institutions, but also the creation of conditions for attraction of investments, as well as the adjustment of the economic course and financial policy. First of all, with such a task can cope a team competent in economic matters,” Petrosian believes.

Integration projects are one of the most promising areas of economic activity that can become a driver of economic growth. The fact is that there is a need in the republic to activate regional and global economic integration projects. In the countries of the African continent, regional cooperation is an overripe necessity. In this sense, the team of the new potential leader of the country should have its own comprehensive vision and understanding of the needs and potential of the republic.

With regard to foreign economic activity, it is also important that the future leader of the country be able to build a certain balance in relations with global players. For example, for 9 years in a row China has been Gabon’s largest trading partner. In 2022, the trade turnover between the two countries reached $4.55 billion and posted more than 50% year-over-year growth. At the same time, important economic partners of Gabon are India, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and others. Therefore, the republic is in need of a verified economic diplomacy.

“Mr. Ondo Ossa is a very competent specialist in foreign economic activity. This is supported by the facts of his biography, his professional expert achievements, scientific works and much more. In the current international and regional situation, it is necessary to develop and implement a comprehensive foreign economic policy of the country in the near and medium term. That is why there should be an economic, not a political team in power,” concluded Amram Petrosian.